Institute for Research and Investment

is dedicated to contribute to growth

Growth is the result of many parameters taken into account

with the vision and the values that drive some entrepreneurs.


Growth usually requires dedicated investments.


We are there to help entrepreneurs develop their projects
with their vision and values.


We can assist the entrepreneur to think and conceive how to establish and implement what is needed to succeed with his vision.

Conditions for this success depend on the development stage of the company.

We can be very active in achieving specific missions: looking for some strategic partnership, some business partnership, some business development…

We act as consultant, providing facilitation services, with our hands on the effectiveness of our action: success fees are our favorite reward.


We are specialists in corporate strategic development matters.

Our experience has enabled us to identify and establish ongoing relationships with a number of players and experts who can contribute to the success of your corporate project.

Institute for Research and Investment has been established late 2015 by Franck Bergeot.

Prior to that, Franck Bergeot had worked for more than twenty years on international listed equity markets, looking for investment ideas on behalf of international investors of various kinds: sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, insurance funds, banks, private equity funds, hedge funds, private bankers, family office, and large corporations.


Previously, Franck Bergeot had set up an export development activity after graduating from his studies, carrying out several missions on behalf of small companies looking for new growth markets internationally.

After studying at Lycée Louis Le Grand in Paris, he graduated from HEC Paris in 1983, having completed the International Management Program (MBA Program in Berkeley, California, and Diplom Kaufmann Program in Cologne, Germany).

In 2009, he ranked n°1 in Europe for the Certified International Wealth Manager (CIWM) exam, and from 2010 to 2014 he has been teaching wealth management, asset allocation and behavioural finance at the SFAF (French Society of Financial Analysts) in Paris as part of the CIWM training programme.


Originally, the search for an investment idea on a listed equity was a targeted request from a professional investor.
Each investor, due to his nature, profile, positioning and convictions, issued his own investment criteria to identify the company in which he was willing to invest on the equity side.

The search could involve many criteria : a specific stock market listing, a specific market capitalisation size, a specific sector of activity, a specific stage of economic maturity, a sensitivity to a specific geographical area, to a specific macroeconomic data.
The stage of development of the company and its situation in relation to its business cycle and the economic cycle in general were very important : was the company in a phase of growth, development, or restructuring, in crisis, or in full turnaround?
Financial analysis criteria (debt level and financing needs) and a stock market analysis (stock market valuation of comparables) were used to lead the search.

The universe of companies that could meet these criteria was very open : equities listed in Europe.

This search for investment ideas led Franck Bergeot to visit a very large number of companies, one per day on average during 20 years, often together with an institutional investor.

This exciting field experience allowed him to understand who is looking for what, and how, in the world of corporate investment. Also, it gave him the opportunity to develop relationship with a number of professional investors, investment funds, investment managers and experts in different fields .

Whereas the search for investment was carried out at the initiative of the investor, the search for a strategic shareholder or partner can be carried out at the initiative of the company: this search uses the same criteria, but with a reverse path.

This is why our experience over the last 35 years may help bring the most appropriate strategic partner to a selected entrepreneur.

Landmark specificities

Our experience over the last 35 years with CEOs of small-mid cap companies gives us an understanding of what may help and boost the development of a company.

Beyond internal set ups, and external business developments, a strategic partner/shareholder may bring a considerable contribution.

The relationship we have developed with professional investors that invest with an entrepreneurship spirit may facilitate some introductions for some promising strategic contributions.

Our values


Absolute respect for compliance

We are well aware of the legal and regulatory provisions in force: we treat our mission accordingly, and avoid any misleading ones.


We are authentic, we need to believe in what we do, and why we would do it: we do not need to board in new business that does not make sense.


We attach the utmost value to confidentiality: from our first meeting, a confidentiality agreement can be signed.

Alignment of interest

We align our interests with yours as much as possible: our favorite remuneration is made of success fees.



We thrive to perform and achieve on time to get our success fees.


We are straight and direct, and will keep you continually informed about the situation.

Our philosophy

Time is more than money.

Rewarding us with success fees is key to align our interest with yours.

This is why we thrive to be as dynamic and as pragmatic as possible.

We know what we can do, and know skilled professionals that can co-operate with us in order to achieve our mission in due time.

When we think we are beyond this capacity, we tell you straight away.

Our process

To ensure confidentiality, we can sign a NDA at first step.

Post our first meeting, we can tell you how comfortable we are to fulfill your expectations.

We would then issue a short letter describing our understanding of the contemplated mission.

We would then establish together an engagement letter setting the terms of our appointment for this mission.

We would submit to you our short selection of best contacts to establish for you. With your written consent only, we would establish these contacts.

We assist you during the whole negotiation period, and liaise with the parties involved.

For rendering our services, our compensation will consist of success fees, due once our mission has been achieved with success.

Since our compensation consists in success fees, we have no time to waste and no dream to sell.

Our registered office
15 rue Glesener L-1631 Luxembourg

Phone : +352 691 105 554